Picked up a brush for once

After finishing this there is so much I can improve (tangents, values, etc.) but I feel good knowing I still got it :)


Pastry fats

So I attended the open house at VCC (Vancouver Community College) for its baking and pastry programs. I was actually surprised at how awesome the facilities and equipment are. I also didn't know it is one of the two only school in the Vancouver region to be recognized by the ITA, the other being Vancouver Island University, and one of the best in NA comparing to even Le Cordon Bleu!You can actually work your way up to be a red seal chef if you wanted to! It was even mentioned how many employers are constantly asking in demand for VCC students.

There currently is a waiting list on the ten month apprenticeship program until March 2011 and as pumped as I am to hear all this I am still thinking it over. I enjoy cooking and do well with results but it was mentioned how there is a difference between producing a good product and being able to do it again but manipulating it in every way to make it your own...Sounds a lot like the animation industry!

What I can say is I can see myself enjoying whipping up breads, cakes and pastries more so than drawing 247.


Life drawing dump

I really enjoy life drawing. I started in the summer of 2008 and feel like, although slow, I have always improved. This is all from Sept. of 2009 (during my first semester study in commercial animation) until this month. Our teacher is one of the best!

Excuse my horrible use of paint... :)


Midnight Cravings

My brothers and I craved some pizze. So I made some.
Margherita w/ prosciutto.



Animation Dump

These are the assignments and exercises I animated during the first semester at CapilanoU for the Commercial Animation program.

Last animation exercise I animated before I left the program. Still makes me laugh. :)

The three walk assignments.

Making a character walk, hop three times and then leap onto a trampoline and out the screen. This One took forever!

Making Kit walk, turn and run was the most fun I had during the animation course.