The end is near

Dososh Slices

Paris brest


This week was the third practical of the programme.

We had to make dobosh slices, ecliars and Paris brests, mousse slices, a birthday cake, fruit tarts and carrot cakes.

 On paper it all seems doable but when you are working against the clock it is actually difficult to produce everything in the amount of time given. It was the hardest test yet but it was the least repetitive because of the variety of items to make. I finished everything with only three minutes to spare and by then I was physically done :)

My results ended up coming really nice: choice of kiwi and peppermint for the mousse slices was well balanced, the choux paste had a great bake and volume, dobosh slices were at perfect hight and even layering, birthday cake had required height. Overall I am happy with my items and time management.
 On to artisan breads!
Kiwi peppermint mousse


Chocolate and cake!

Last week of working with cakes and pastries before the practical on Wednesday and Thursday. This level hasn't been as bad as I thought and once I put my creativity and artistic eye to use it has become a little enjoyable.
Our teacher, Nancy, has been the best part of this level. her passion and humour has really made our learning experience that much more enjoyable.