Making home, home...


The two of us have settled in and are becoming more and more comfortable every day here in Paris. We found a nice cozy place in the 2nd district where a constant bustle of people going about their day is found six floors below us...yes six floors without an elevator. Imagine carrying a years worth of luggage up that!
We have already found our go-to boulangerie for our daily baguette and an amazing eclair shop, L'eclair de Genie. "Juste regarde" has become one of our mottos as we feast with our eyes over every croissant, mielle fueille, easter chocolate and opera cake. Note to our fellow bakers, double single folds for croissant dough. 
There is no shortage of sweets, and to no surprise the same goes for local produce. Ahhh, the produce.

We're really loving this!!!

It makes cooking effortless as every gram of every ingredient is bursting with perfection. A carrot tastes like a CARROT. Comte is a new favourite cheese. Stinky, stinky. YUM.  

Vacationing during a vacation? We trekked our luggage across Paris to land in Versailles to eat cake with the one and only Marie-Antoinette.  We are staying with a lovely airbnb couple just 15 minutes shy of the Chateau and have been sweating out butter along the palace trails. Gotta make sure we stay in shape while we indulge ;) Bakeries here have been classic, yet delicious. And they sell brioche by the gram.  THE GRAM! Not to mention the plasticity of the butter here at any temperature. 

Apart from city life, we have cozied up in the kitchen cooking/baking up a storm:  Gnocchi, morrocan chickpea stew, lentils, fluffy eggs, heirloom tomato salad all with a freshly baked baguette.  For dessert: Strawberry olive oil cake, grandma's apple pie and tart lemon cake with candied french lemons.  
A Bientot!