Our class-mate Robyn joked (or is serious) about calling herself a pastry wizard. I like the idea.



Dummy wedding cake, fruit cakes decorated with marzipan and a birthday cake.

I came up with the design for the wedding cake on paper and the completed product turned out pretty close. There was supposed to be a large flower on the top but our idea of using marzipan failed so we just piled on the royal icing and topped it with larger flowers. I only enjoyed making the sketch and when it was done and over with :)
The Birthday cake is a simple layered cake iced with Italian butter cream. The fruit cakes taste like a well aged refuse and decorating them, aside from the pig, was tedious and boring. I made sure to get a kick out of it by imagining this pig frolicking in a field of flowers; it really made for a good laugh.


Buttercream fancy pants

Level three, cakes and french pastries, started last week and I have gone into this with complete hatred for it's perfectionist and dainty quality for products. I don't have the patience nor the small hands to produce finely detailed products but I do have the artistic eye. So as much as I dislike making the products I try my best to include what I do enjoy about it more often.

We started last week and have made an assortment of french pastries as well as mousse cakes, butter creams and glazes. My favourite thing to make so far is the chocolate mousse cakes because its process isn't very difficult but the end product looks as though much effort and time went into it :)