Normandie and us

Bonjour nos Amis,

Never would we have thought how beautiful the people and land of Normandie would be. Yes time over we have been told, "go north!" but the experience we had over the weekend has really changed our perception of this country. Our Airbnb hosts are the sweetest married couple and have been amazing hosts in their home as well as their parents, who by the way are also tres mignon!

The town of Rolleville! The last morning of our stay in Le Havre we decided to make some pancakes for our lovely hosts; a little bit of Canada for them. While we were was flipping cakes and whisking in frustration because of the different protein content in the flour, the mother of our host glanced over a post in the paper for Pain du Fete 2014.  She NEVER reads the paper.  So after our breakfast we made haste to this tiny festival.

In short, everyone knows everyone and it just so happens that the head baker of this festival is a professor and the town mayor! Amongst the small but delicious spread of items, there was the Canadien. A loaf studded with white chocolate and coconut paste that just so happens to be created by a local frenchmen who travelled and worked in Montreal.  Funny thing about this festival is that we were the first 2 Canadians to attend...EVER! Rolleville's journalist took our photo with all the local bakers and we are looking forward to it being published in Le Havre's paper this week :)

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